Analytics & Business Intelligence

Utilities have access to more data than ever, but few have the tools in place to help them make better decisions based on that data. Intelligently organizing and making sense of large amounts of information is a growing industry, and our team has spent years in this industry uncovering where data is collected, what a system of record should do, and how interoperability should be approached.

Through system integration, data sharing, and insight, we help resolve your questions with new and innovative answers, provide guidance on what is truly needed within your utility, and uncover gaps you didn’t know were there.

Our services range from helping utilities better use the tools they have today to implementing new tools to bring data together from across many systems.

  • Existing Tools: Many utilities have Meter Data Management (MDM) systems and other similar systems with analytics capabilities. We help utilities to get answers from these systems and determine if these answers are providing the guidance they need.
  • Data Mapping: We help utilities to structure their multiple data systems, determine the systems of record, and map necessary data flows to allow better data sharing.
  • Dashboards and Utility-wide Analytics: We help utilities to implement tools to gather data from across their systems and create useful analytics and dashboards.

Analytics and Business Intelligence covers a wide range of systems and technology, but once you have unlocked your data’s potential, there are a multitude of insights waiting to be discovered.

Our Analytics & Business Intelligence Experts

Tom Asp

Consultant in Utility Automation and Communications

Kyle Kopczyk

Manager of Utility Automation

Jim Weikert

Vice President of Utility
Automation & Communications

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