Broadband Network Design

Network design is a balance of performance, reliability, cost of deployment, total cost of ownership, anticipated demand, and other factors. PSE can help you choose the appropriate mix of technologies, design the paths and engineer the network to meet the needs of your utility and broadband users.

Our broadband network design services include:

  • Identification and selection of broadband technologies (FTTP, wireless, other)
  • Design fiber routes and wireless coverage
  • Design of network architecture and hardware selection (GPON, Active E, other)
  • Develop construction drawings
  • Development of implementation schedules and project budgets
  • Review and selection of network vendors
  • Detail licensing requirements and obtain spectrum (wireless broadband)
  • Prepare network cost estimates

Our team of engineers, network planners, economists, and marketing specialists can guide you through the technology selection and design process.

Broadband Webinar – July 28

Hosted by Tom Asp and Jim Weikert

Our Broadband Network Design Experts

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