Power Generation & Industrial Engineering

The power infrastructure is a complex system that requires extensive analysis to operate efficiently and effectively. Since 1974, PSE has responded expertly to this need. Our engineering professionals are active with the latest technologies, bringing over 100 combined years of experience in the study of electric power facilities for utility systems and commercial and industrial facilities throughout the United States.

PSE applies proven approaches that are technically sound, while developing innovative concepts, which we tailor to meet our clients’ individual needs. Our studies are used to support budgets, rates, regulatory filings, and testimony as well as the operations, planning, maintenance, and protection of systems.

Our Industrial Engineers and Technicians:

  • Utilize a significant library of power system software modeling tools including PSS®E, CYME®, Milsoft®, ETAP®, SKM®
  • Develop PSE-customized applications, along with other analytical and mapping tools such as SAS®, ThermCap®, ESRI®, and AutoCAD®
  • Routinely work with all stakeholders including field staff, engineers, non-technical senior management, board of directors, regulators, litigators, and the public
  • Offer proficient skills in technical writing which results in readable reports that are easy to follow and apply

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