Papers & Presentations

The staff at PSE have written many technical papers and given numerous presentations at industry conferences and training courses. We invite you to request any of the papers or presentations listed.

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Loss Evaluation Case Study

Technology Procurement New Approaches

The Strategic Communications Plan- Your Smartest Path to the Smart Grid

Unlock the Full Potential of Customer Surveys

When is the Timing Right to Migrate from PLC to Wireless AMI

2012 PSE Webinar Series- Utility Cyber Security- 4 Key Areas You Need to Address

DG Resources Connected to Distribution Systems

DSM Program Evaluation and its Benefits- Developing Optimal Deployment Strategies

Electric Cooperative Fixed Cost Recovery

Evaluating Distribution System Losses Utilizing Data from Deployed AMI and GIS Systems

FCC Fiber to the Home Funding – Developing a Customer Engagement Program

Technology Planning to Maximize Your Investment

MEA May 2012 Reliability Target Setting

Power Engineering for Non-Engineers

Volt/VAR Control and CVR

Fiber-to-the-Premises: Planning Considerations, Pitfalls, Cautions, and Opportunities

Fiber-to-the-Premises: Planning, Considerations, Pitfalls, Cautions & Opportunities

COVID-19: Putting Pressure on our Broadband Infrastructure

To Broadband or Not to Broadband

Transmission Capacity Study Report - North Dakota

Emergency Gas Response

Accelerate Broadband Deployment with Electric Utility Make Ready

Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Underground versus Overhead Power Lines

How is My Utility Performing?

Improving the Performance of Power Distributors by Statistical Performance Benchmarking

NRECA Publishes Rate Case Studies Prepared by PSE

Peak Time Rebate Programs: Reducing Costs While Engaging Customer

Performance Based Regulation for Electric and Gas Distributors

2012 PSE Webinar Series: Substation Modernization

2016 Client Rate Survey Report

A Breakthrough- Repurposing the TV White Spaces Using Database-Driven Cognitive Radios

A Hybrid Commercial/Private Communications Architecture Approach

Cost and Service Reliability Performance Evaluation for Electric Distribution Utilities

2012 PSE Webinar Series: Substation Modernization

Demand Response- How Much Value is Really There?

Evaluating Distribution System Losses Using Data from Deployed AMI and GIS Systems

Get More from Your GIS- Improve Data Quality

Improve Outage Handling and Protection- Four Ways Automation Can Improve How You Do Things Today

Peak Time Rebate Programs- Reducing Costs While Engaging Customers

Planning T&D "Reliability-Driven" Projects Using Cost-Benefit Analysis

Project Management for Implementing the Smart Grid

Proven Approach for Complex Technology Procurement

Survey-Electric Cooperative Fixed Cost Recovery

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