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Working Together Is What We Do

Forward-Thinking Professionals Helping Clients and Colleagues Achieve Their Goals. 

Power System Engineering (PSE) began in Madison, WI in 1974. We are a full-service engineering and consulting firm consisting of a breadth of experienced and professional engineers, economists, and financial analysts with a focus on the electric power and industrial sectors. PSE is employee-owned and independent, which gives our clients the confidence that our team is motivated to satisfy their needs and represent their interests.

Over the last 49 years of business, our success has rested on our people. We value the talent, work ethic, supportiveness, down-to-earth values, and team spirit demonstrated by our colleagues with whom we work alongside. We also place great importance on our team’s abilities to listen carefully and respond to each client’s unique needs, ensuring we offer customized solutions. At PSE, we don’t just strive to serve our clients but to build lasting relationships as well.

We invite you to explore what PSE can do to help find solutions for your needs and start building a relationship today.

“Our biggest source of new clients comes from word-of-mouth referrals – we can think of no better ‘advertising’ than from those with whom we have worked and who recommend our services.” – Erik S. Sonju, President  


  • Client Relationships: We value the foundation of client relationships which has allowed us to continue our profession for over 40 years.
  • Our Colleagues: We value the talent, work ethic, supportiveness, down-to-earth traits, and team spirit portrayed by our colleagues whom we work alongside.
  • Integrity: We value the quality of being honest, accountable, and having strong moral principles through the professional services we provide.
  • Opportunity: We value the opportunities that offer us to make improvements, learn new things, grow, and be successful.
  • Safety: We value the health and safety of those around us and it is our responsibility to place it before everything else regardless of our role and where we find ourselves.
  • Community: Our value of community is shown by where we live, where we volunteer, where we donate, and where we provide our professional services.

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