Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) provide process control by reading process conditions (inputs) and manipulating outputs. PLCs have become the standard for new control systems; however, they can also be used to replace large banks of legacy hardwired relay logic control systems.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) allow operators to interface with PLCs. By strategically designing HMI systems, operators can monitor processes and make required adjustments smoothly.

Our team offers PLC and HMI programming for both large and small projects, including:

  • Producing logic code for multiple PLC platforms
  • Producing logic code for new or existing PLC systems
  • Producing graphic pages for multiple HMI platforms
  • Troubleshooting existing PLC problems
  • Assisting with startup and commissioning

Our PLC Programming Experts

Roy Duininck, P.E.

Vice President of Power Generation and Industrial Engineering

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