Broadband Feasibility & Business Planning

Today’s high-tech world consists of constantly streaming phones, TVs, and tablets, where the average American broadband household has seven video-playing devices.* Internet-savvy consumers are demanding increased bandwidth, turning broadband services from a luxury into necessity. However, many rural areas still do not have adequate broadband services since traditional internet carriers do not sufficiently serve these areas.

To address this inequality, utilities are developing Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) and wireless broadband initiatives to promote economic development and build revenue streams in their service areas. Our team of PSE consultants can assist your utility by providing a neutral, third-party feasibility study that includes pro forma income and balance sheets based on fiber plant costs, administrative costs, and predicted broadband take rates.

PSE Services Include:

  • Developing detailed deployment and operational cost analysis
  • Providing extensive market studies on existing and future broadband alternatives
  • Selecting the appropriate technologies based upon consumer needs and your objectives
  • Conducting demand-side market analysis and segmentation
  • Detailing system and route design
  • Preparing line design requirements
  • Estimating make ready costs
  • Creating customized business cases

Our Broadband Feasibility & Business Planning Experts

Tom Asp

Consultant in Utility Automation and Communications

Jim Weikert

Vice President of Utility
Automation & Communications

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