Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships can help you avoid risk and reduce capital costs. Partnerships can bring you scale and expertise that is hard to develop on your own.

As you consider potential partnerships, beware of one-sided offers. It’s important to carefully weigh each partnership opportunity to ensure that it equally favors both sides – each party needs to take a balance of risks for the reward opportunity. Unfortunately, most reported partnerships shift most risks to the electric utility or are simply a glorified supply contract. Take the initiative to define the rules yourself. Take the initiative to ensure your partner is delivery value to you and your consumers.

Partnerships can range from other broadband providers (a local wireless ISP, a telephone cooperative, another electric utility, etc) to key supply chain providers (data centers, transport carriers, content providers, etc).

Our partnership support includes:

  • Assist in identification of potential benefits
  • Identification and review of potential partners
  • Assist in negotiation and development of agreements (non-legal)
  • Review of proposed partnership arrangements

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