Distribution SCADA

The past several years have seen large increases in the sophistication of distribution SCADA systems across the U.S., as municipalities and distribution cooperatives expand their level of visibility and control.

Our team can help you manage your distribution feeders actively for more intelligent and automated switching, active Volt/VAR, and demand management, and we offer assistance with managing the complexities of distributed energy resources (DER).

  • Substation relays: We can help you understand how best to capture fault targets and currents to greatly aid operations in restoration
  • DMS Network Model: We can help you understand what data you need to support a DMS model and help you integrate the DMS with GIS
  • DG Interconnects: Our team has helped many utilities add generation of several MW safely into their distribution systems accounting for reverse power flow, anti-islanding, and direct transfer trip schemes
  • CVR & Automated Restoration: From simple to elaborate, we have helped many utilities implement CVR and FDIR systems. We can help with all aspects from engineering design to SCADA integration

PSE provides a breadth of services from initial feasibility investigations through deployment and ongoing support. In all that we do, our goal is to inform and equip you to make the best decisions to maintain and run your system.

  • Smart Grid Roadmaps
  • Procurement
  • Business Cases
  • Support & Training

Our Distribution SCADA Experts

Ken Cooper

Utility Automation Consultant

Jim Weikert

Vice President of Utility
Automation & Communications

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