Generation & Transmission SCADA

As transmission utilities are forced to adapt to new technology and regulations, our team can assist with updating the systems and processes required to adapt successfully. We offer a full spectrum of services for utilities looking for help with their Energy Management System (EMS), including strategy, design, procurement, implementation, support, and integration.

Examples of these services include supporting:

  • SCADA design and maintenance, automation, RTU programming
  • Integration of renewables and DER
  • Situational awareness and alarm management
  • Integrations with utility systems
  • Network model import and maintenance
  • State estimation and contingency analysis
  • Operator training simulator
  • Automatic generation control
  • NERC CIP and cybersecurity

Often, gaps in EMS support can form due to the traditional structures of OT, IT, and Engineering. PSE has a rich history of traditional transmissions and distribution engineering combined with years of experience in communications, SCADA, and automation. With this background, we are able to provide services to fill these gaps helping utilities successfully manage their EMS.

Our Generation & Transmission SCADA Experts

Ken Cooper

Utility Automation Consultant

Jim Weikert

Vice President of Utility
Automation & Communications

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