PSE has developed a toolset to help utilities convert into Esri’s Utility Network platform.

Esri’s Utility Network provides utilities today with so many benefits.

  • Error Checking: Prevent bad data input even from the field when editing
  • Tracing: In the office and the field
  • Subnetworks: Adapt with how switches and valves are opened and closed
  • Zones: Including your high- and low-pressure zones
  • Identifying customers through tracing who would be impacted by work being done
  • Detail: Complex modeling of details in objects like switch banks and transformers allow inclusion of components like elbows and switches.

PSE’s toolset takes many of the challenges out of a transition from your legacy platform to enable the power of utility network.

Legacy GIS

  • User defined structure and attributes
  • Lack of connectivity
  • Spatial Inaccuracy
  • Limited Information

Utility Network Features

  • Structured Classes and Attributes
  • Association based connectivity
  • Complex assemblies

Our Utility Network Experts

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