Broadband, especially FTTP based, takes a substantial upfront investment. In rural areas – the underserved and unserved locations are underserved and unserved for a core reason. The cost of deployment. This cost is not just a obstacle for your competition, but you as well.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), and other federal agencies recognize this condition and have developed a range of assistance programs (ranging from low cost land to grants). In addition, many states have developed grant programs for unserved areas as well.

Our grant and funding support includes:

  • Preparation of “banker-ready” financial projections for the proposed broadband business
  • Review of potential grant and funding opportunities
  • Assist in preparation of grant and other funding opportunities
  • Support in FCC auctions for assistance (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF))
  • Support on-going grant compliance review and submittals

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