Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have traditionally played a vital role by providing utilities with valuable knowledge and capabilities that are key to a primary business function - delivering power in a reliable and safe manner. A quality SCADA solution is central to effective operation of a utility's most critical and costly distribution, transmission, and generation assets.

The challenging issues for SCADA systems and projects today are not the same as they were a few years ago. Today, there is much more importance placed on integration, use of new communication and network technologies, access to information by more users, and other purposes.

Today’s SCADA systems, in response to changing business needs, have added new functionalities and are aids for strategic advancements towards interactive, self healing smart grids of the future. A modern SCADA system is also a strategic investment which is a must-have for utilities of all sizes facing the challenges of the competitive market and increased levels of real time data exchange that comes with it (independent market operator, regional transmission operator, major C&I establishments, etc.). A well planned and implemented SCADA system not only helps utilities deliver power reliably and safely to their customers but also helps to lower costs and achieve higher customer satisfaction and retention. Modern SCADA systems are already contributing and playing a key role at many utilities towards achieving:

  • New levels in electric grid reliability – increased revenue
  • Proactive problem detection and resolution – higher reliability
  • Meeting the mandated power quality requirements – increased customer satisfaction
  • Real time strategic decision making – cost reductions and increased revenue

Business case justification is stronger now than ever before even for lower density substations. The costs are declining with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products built to international standards as opposed to legacy proprietary solutions. Today, a utility can quickly gain these benefits by implementing a low cost SCADA system and evolving it as its business needs change.

Power System Engineering, Inc. (PSE) has established a leadership position in SCADA consulting services nationwide having worked with many utilities, both small and large, in selecting and implementing their SCADA systems. Our hands-on team of professionals has many years of experience successfully designing, specifying, and implementing SCADA systems. We have team members who have worked in utility operation centers, in the vendor arena, and as consultants. We know the applications, resources, and constraints common to these organizations.

We provide services on all aspects of SCADA projects. Whether you are in the planning stage, implementation stage, or if you need to add a single application, replace an entire system, migrate a system, or put in your first SCADA system, PSE has the experience and is ready to help. Call us, and we will explain how you can attain maximum benefits from a SCADA system.

Best practice services PSE can provide include:

  • Evaluate existing systems and develop strategies to make improvements, replace aged or problematic systems, or meet new business objectives
  • Pre-screen possible bidders and prepare requests for information (RFIs)
  • Develop procurement specifications and a complete request for proposal (RFP) including terms and conditions
  • Participate in vendor evaluations and scoring
  • Seek technical and business clarifications with vendors and contribute to or lead contract negotiations
  • Provide hands-on system configuration and integration services (e.g., databases, displays, application integration, and intelligent electronic device (IED) integration)
  • Support functional and performance factory acceptance testing (FAT) and point-to-point checkout
  • Create site acceptance test (SAT) procedures and assist in performing SAT
  • Create, organize, and deliver custom SCADA training
  • Assist with substation automation applications
  • Assist with energy management system (EMS) applications
  • Assist with distribution management system (DMS) applications
  • PSE provides a full range of services to utilities on all aspects and phases of communication projects and initiatives
  • Present and lead a workshop to educate your team on a technology or address a more strategic objective

PSE Is Flexible and Cost Competitive

The most important aspect about the PSE approach is that we are flexible and cost competitive. We provide our clients with high-value contributions that save money, time, and problems.