Power Line Design

Transmission and distribution infrastructure is a critical component of all utility systems. Whether Transmission Line Design or Distribution Line Design, PSE’s design team will deliver the perfect solution.

We provide immediate availability of experienced and highly trained personnel who utilize state-of-the-art technology and in-house expertise to develop designs that are compliant with ANSI, IEEE, NESC, RUS, and other applicable project-specific standards. Our team can work with your current design standards or create completely new specs based on your unique of complex project requirements. PSE performs both new line analysis and existing line assessments.

Our Transmission Line Design Services include:

  • Plan and profile drawings
  • Retirement and construction staking sheets
  • Structure assembly diagrams
  • Conductor sag and tension tables
  • Conductor galloping analysis
  • Material and labor specs
  • Contacts and procurement
  • Assessment of existing facilities

At project completion, we provide a detailed design book with supporting calculations, including span limitations based on required clearances, structure strength calculations (maximum wind and weight spans), conductor, insulator and hardware strength calculations, conductor gallop analysis, analysis of guyed and unguyed structures.

For over 45 years, our team has built extensive design and staking experience.

A critical phase of every construction project is the field design and staking for overhead and underground distribution systems ranging from 2.4kV to 34.5k V.

Our design work can be found throughout North America, including capital improvement projects, voltage conversions, FEMA mitigation and replacement projects, subdivision layouts, new feeders, line extensions, and service upgrades.

Our Distribution Line Design Services include:

  • Retirement and construction staking sheets
  • Sag, tension, stringing charts
  • Field construction staking
  • Guying and anchoring analysis
  • Easement negotiations, documentation, and acquisition
  • GPS field inventory services
  • Material and labor contracts and procurement
  • Final construction inspection

Our Power Line Design Experts

Kevin McCutcheon

Vice President Utility
Engineering and Design

Mike Mezera, P.E.

Line Engineering Director

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