Utility System Planning & Studies

With over 45 years in the industry, PSE provides our clients with extensive experience analyzing utility power systems of all sizes, from secondary voltage systems up to bulk transmission. PSE’s Utility Planning & Studies team has worked effectively with utilities, generator owners, and ISOs/RTOs in system planning, analysis, and the various system studies.

Whatever your immediate or future needs, you can count on PSE to offer objective analysis of your power delivery system.

PSE covers the full spectrum of System Planning services including:

  • Construction Work Plans (or short-term capital planning studies), used to identify system improvement projects over a period of 1-4 years
  • Long-Range Plans (10, 20, or more years) help utilities make educated decisions based on an understanding of the long-term requirements related to economical comparison of alternatives, system losses, and avoidance of stranded investments.

In addition, our rigorous analysts will deliver a thorough and objective study precisely for your needs, whether it’s offering ways to improve efficiencies and prioritize expenditures to ensuring you’re adhering to the most optimal work safety standards.

Distribution Systems

  • DER System Impact Studies
  • DER Hosting Capacity Studies
  • Construction Work Plans
  • Long Range Plans
  • Voltage Flicker / Motor Starting Analysis
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • CVR/Volt/Var Studies
  • Reliability Studies
  • System Losses/System Efficiency Studies
  • Sectionalizing and System Protection Studies

Transmission Systems

  • Planning Studies
  • Steady-State Analysis
  • Stability Studies
  • PV and QV Analysis
  • Transfer Limit Analysis
  • Generation Interconnection Studies
  • Generator Substitution Studies

Our Utility System Planning & Studies Experts

Tom Chambers, P.E.

Regional Lead, System Engineer

Laura Couillard

Lead Transmission Studies Engineer

Doug Joens, P.E.

Vice President of System Planning and Studies

Peter Koegel, P.E.

Manager, Transmission System Studies

Sean Kufel, P.E.

Regional Lead, System Engineer

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