HVAC & Plumbing

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration designs can serve a variety of needs from controlling temperature and humidity to satisfying process design requirements.

Our team provides facility-wide HVAC and plumbing solutions, including:

  • In-floor, radiant, central plant or decentralized heating designs using a variety of fuels, including electric, propane, natural gas, and waste oil
  • Ventilation schemes for reducing/maintaining electrical area classification requirements or compliance with hazardous occupancy requirements
  • Air conditioning design for offices, control rooms, electrical substations, and process plants
  • Plumbing design including potable water and sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and waste interceptor design
  • Plans, equipment schedules, pipe and insulation specifications, and pipe and vent isometrics
  • Operational sequence documentation and commissioning support

Our HVAC & Plumbing Experts

Josh L. Mulder, P.E.

Vice President Industrial Engineering

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