Demand-Side Management (DSM) such as direct load control, demand response, and energy efficiency has been used for decades to lower costs and increase efficiency. New technologies on both sides of the meter (and the meter itself) are transforming how utilities are using DSM and engaging with consumers.

We help our clients in all aspects of DSM programs from business cases and planning to implementation, and from evaluating impacts to conducting participant surveys. DSM program services we provide include:

  • Identification of event hours and frequency needed to achieve program impact targets; i.e. kW reductions
  • Cost-benefit analysis of pricing, direct and passive load control, and energy efficiency programs
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of DSM Pilot and Full Deployment programs
  • Assessment of technology capabilities and procurement to enable DSM
  • Load and billing impacts
  • Program monitoring, reporting, and re-assessments

Our Demand-Side Management Experts

Richard J. Macke

Vice President Economics, Rates & Business Planning

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