A Formula-Based Rate (FBR) plan, which periodically adjusts rates based on a predetermined formula, defines a clear and balanced path to safety, reliability, and high service quality, as well as a strong balance sheet and reasonable rates.

The main benefits of employing an FBR include:

  • Timely tracking of revenues and expenses/reduced regulatory lag
  • Less burden on internal staff compared to preparing a comprehensive and contentious rate application
  • Lower internal, consultant, and/or regulatory staff labor costs
  • Targeted tracking of cost recovery

Our team prepares, evaluates, and files a variety of FBR mechanisms for utilities and commissions in the US, including DSC/TIER ratemaking, transmission formula rates, property tax surcharges, and fuel and purchase power cost adjustments.


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Our Formula-Based Rates Experts

Richard J. Macke

Vice President Economics, Rates & Business Planning

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