Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is driving a revolution in the electric industry. Both on-the-grid and behind-the-meter at customer locations, DER brings with it many technical, operational, financial, and strategic challenges. Our team assists in navigating these challenges in a way that balances competing interests among shareholders.

The economic-related services we provide in this dynamic area are continually evolving and include:

  • Rate designs that consider proper cost recovery and price signals
  • Business case analysis on installations by various stakeholders
  • Assistance with financing alternatives, ownership structures, and contractual terms
  • Policy development (net metering, buy-all/sell-all, etc.)
  • Negotiations with stakeholders on rates and policies
  • Participation in regulatory commission investigative dockets
  • Value of DER methodology development and calculations
  • Customer surveys on interest and perceptions
  • Development of load profile impact on system resources and future needs

Our Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Experts

Elena Kanaeva-Larson

Manager of Rates and Regulatory Services

Nick Nelson

Rate and Financial Consultant

Shaurice Moorman

Manager, Rates and Financial Planning

Richard J. Macke

Vice President Rates
Economics & Business Planning

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