Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Electric Vehicles (EV)

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is driving a revolution in the electric industry. Both on-the-grid and behind-the-meter at customer locations, DER brings with it many technical, operational, financial, and strategic challenges. Our team assists in navigating these challenges in a way that balances competing interests among shareholders.

The economic-related services we provide in this dynamic area are continually evolving and include:

  • Rate designs that consider proper cost recovery and price signals
  • Business case analysis on installations by various stakeholders
  • Assistance with financing alternatives, ownership structures, and contractual terms
  • Policy development (net metering, buy-all/sell-all, etc.)
  • Negotiations with stakeholders on rates and policies
  • Participation in regulatory commission investigative dockets
  • Value of DER methodology development and calculations
  • Customer surveys on interest and perceptions
  • Development of load profile impact on system resources and future needs

EV and DER Impacts

PSE is your partner to identify how these emerging technologies will affect you. We can help you determine:

  • A range of viable projections and associated impacts
  • How you can help drive the adoption and operation of these technologies
  • Generation and Transmission Cooperatives, Investor-Owned Utilities Municipal Agencies, Public Power Agencies
  • Distribution electric utilities – cooperatives and municipals
  • Electric Utilities located in areas where solar and EV adoption tends to be “stronger”
  • Progressive and proactive utilities
  • PSE understands how growth in DER and EV can affect an entire organization
  • PSE has an abundant amount of expertise showing EV and DER impacts on load forecasting, power supply evaluations, system costs, delivery system impacts, revenue impacts, and viable rate design
  • PSE is able to help clients bring meaning to the results and identify potential risks and opportunities


Our Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Electric Vehicles (EV) Experts

Ola Boye, PE, ENV SP

Vice President of Renewable Energy Resources

Richard J. Macke

Vice President Economics, Rates & Business Planning

Shaurice Moorman

Senior Consultant

Nick Nelson

Rate and Financial Consultant

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