Load forecasts are the building blocks for many planning efforts. Time horizons vary from long-range forecasts that project energy and demand for the next 30 years to mid-term forecasts that project for the next few years and short-term forecasts that project for the upcoming hours or days.

Our team offers the following:

  • Long-range load forecasts used for power supply planning
  • Mid-term load forecasts used for financial and operational planning
  • Short-term load forecasts used for energy markets, demand response dispatching, and operational decisions
  • Spatial load forecasts at the substation or feeder levels for operational planning or demand response dispatching
  • Weather normalization studies to support rate studies
  • Incorporation of DSM and distributed energy resources (DER) into the load forecasts

Our Load Forecasting Experts

Elena Larson

Manager of Rates and Regulatory Services

Richard J. Macke

Vice President Economics, Rates & Business Planning

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