Business Planning and Forecasting

It’s difficult to hit your target if you don’t know what you are aiming at. Utilities that take time to plan today will be in position to achieve greater success in the future. PSE can help you sort through the maze of options and focus on your target. We assist our clients in a wide range of issues, including:

  • Load Forecasting – PSE completes load forecasts for all types of utilities which serve as a building block for many planning efforts.
  • Market Adoption Forecasting and Impacts – As the electrification of the economy continues, PSE assists in clients in forecasting adoption rates for various consumer-driven market transformation such as Electric Vehicles, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and battery energy storage.
  • Financial Forecasting and Planning – PSE assists its client in completing or modifying financial forecast to assist in strategic, business, and financial planning efforts.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – PSE provides critical due diligence to support your business decisions and achieve the best results from merger and acquisition activities whether you are the buyer or the seller.
  • Contracts and Policies – Whether you need a policy review/audit, key account support, contract development, or rate negotiation support, PSE can lend a helping hand.
  • Workshops and Training – PSE provides workshops and seminars on a wide range of current electric utility topics, either onsite at your utility, at or near one of PSE’s offices, or in association with a utility conference.

Our Business Planning and Forecasting Experts

Richard J. Macke

Vice President Economics, Rates & Business Planning

Shaurice Moorman

Senior Consultant

Nick Nelson

Rate and Financial Consultant

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