Economics, Rates, and
Business Planning

Economics, Rates, and Business Planning

Power System Engineering, Inc. (PSE) provides economic, rate, and business planning services to utilities, industry associations, customers, and regulators throughout North America and beyond. From rate design and cost of service studies to load forecasting and demand-side management programs, our experts are committed to finding solutions and supporting decisions that are aligned with your goals and industry best practices. We effectively blend innovation and tradition when it comes to analytical techniques, rate design approaches, strategic planning, leveraging of technology, and providing sound and reliable advice. PSE is driven to produce excellent work as we strive to be your long-term partner and advisor for all your energy consulting needs.

PSE’s Economics, Rates, and Business Planning team advises our clients on the following types of projects and services:

Contracts, Policy, and Regulatory Assistance

Cost of Service and Rate Design

Demand-Side Management

Economic Studies

Load Forecasting and Resource Planning

Market Research

Strategic and Business Planning

Workshops and Seminars