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PSE chosen to speak during TechAdvantage 2017 Conference & Expo

February 1, 2017

PSE’s Rick Schmidt and Charles Plummer will present:
Developing a Strategic Communications Plan for Your Co-op
February 26   8:00am – Noon
The presentation will give an overview of emerging communications technologies and provide case studies of several communication infrastructure deployments. It will include insights and tips for defining communication backhaul requirements for AMI, DA, SCADA, and home automation; completing bandwidth sizing studies; and identifying which technologies best match the utility’s current assets and also offer the most scalability for the future.

PSE’s Jeff Triplett will present the following:
The Evolving Grid – Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
February 26   1:00 – 2:00pm
This presentation is part of the RUS Engineering Seminar and will cover the evolution of DER interconnections, engineering and operations considerations, and how to better prepare for the future.

On the Eve of Major Interconnection Changes
February 27   11:00am – Noon
There are a host of changes coming to interconnection requirements through the revised IEEE 1547 standard to be balloted Spring 2017. This presentation will help you understand how these changes could affect your engineering and operations design and work practices. Learn how you can bring real world experience to this standard by participating in the IEEE balloting.

PSE’s Charles Plummer will present the following:
Selecting the Right Communications Infrastructure for a Large and Diverse Service Territory
February 27   11:00am – Noon
Reliable network needs for Operational Technology (OT) field located applications has grown exponentially in the last few years. As utilities replace aging MAS radios and TELCO services to substations, implement more advanced security initiatives, and add feeder networks for DA and DER assets, choosing the appropriate public or private communications technology solutions for these applications can be daunting. This presentation focuses on reviewing the latest media technology offerings and summarizes the appropriate utility applications for these different network technologies.

Network Segmentation Techniques at Different Layers of the OSI Model
February 28   1:45 – 2:15pm
Environment segmentation can help both performance and security. This session will discuss how to segment service traffic over common LAN/WAN communications links. We will discuss segmentation techniques for each of layers 1 (Physical) through 4 (Transport) of the OSI model and how each works. The discussion will include advantages and disadvantages of segmenting at each layer in terms of security, performance, overhead and overall latency.

PSE’s Charles Blecke and Tom Chambers will present:
The Intersection of Aging Infrastructure and Grid Modernization
February 28   8:00 – 9:00am
Ongoing capital programs are addressing aging infrastructure issues on electric distribution systems. Meanwhile, grid modernization efforts are highlighting significant change in the future electric distribution system. Managing capital investment dollars today to minimize potential stranded investments in the future is necessary for delivering the best value. This presentation will address approaches for building an adaptable and effective capital spending program to support future grid modernization while also addressing the aging infrastructure.

PSE’s Rick Schmidt will present along with Brian Simonson (Connexus Energy):
Procurement Approach for Complex Technology
February 28   10:30 – 11:30am
The procurement of technology is a complex process that requires the consideration of numerous factors and dependencies within an organization. This session will focus on the importance of establishing a clearly defined process so a utility can mitigate costly missteps and ensure well-informed, strategic technology decisions align for critical infrastructure planning. The presenters will review common procurement challenges, as well as a proven process for approaching procuring technology.

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