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PSE chosen to present several topics during UTC’s 2017 Telecom & Technology Conference

April 12, 2017

May 8 – 12, Charlotte, NC

Charles Plummer will present the following:
Power Systems 101
May 8   1:00 – 4:00 pm
This overview will explore how energy is used by the electrical utility industry and how the different elements on the electrical system affect electrical system reliability and operations. Building on power system concepts, we will delve into fault isolation, power factor correction, and other system programs being implemented by utilities today.

Communications Backhaul
May 10   9:15 – 10:15 am
The Field Area Network (FAN) is defined as the applications residing in the substations and downstream into the feeders. The field applications of SCADA, DA (involving CVR, feeder switching and Volt/VAR), DG, AMI, DER and other applications such as hybrid vehicle charging stations. This course presents an overview of currently available and future trending communications backhaul infrastructure for FANs. We will begin by reviewing a proven process to define FAN application requirements.

Rick Schmidt, along with others, will present:
Creating an AMI Design for High Resiliency and Reliability
May 9   9:00 am – Noon
AMI has evolved from a meter-reader replacement technology to a utility communications platform for a variety of applications. This session will cover the different AMI network architecture approaches being used when transporting DA over AMI while comparing the use of the communications backhaul for DA applications routed over AMI versus other DA backhaul communications technologies such as private licensed, unlicensed and cellular backhaul technologies.

AMI Evolution
May 10   9:15 – 10:15 am
This session will provide guidance from Power System Engineering experts in creating a design for the AMI infrastructure that is both affordable and highly reliability while factoring meter coverage, system congestion, AMI latency and other user needs. This session will review several utility case studies, with both tower and mesh-based AMI, where the utility has taken different approaches to address the evolving AMI reliability and latency requirements.

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