Customized Benchmarking & Target Setting

PSE’s Benchmarking team can help identify cost savings opportunities, set appropriate goals and targets, communicate the performance of your organization to interested parties, improve system reliability, track progress, and provide better incentives both internally and externally.

We use the most accurate methods available to track performance and set targets, which means you’ll have actionable intelligence you can trust. Our Benchmarking team consists of PhD and Master-level economists that use econometric modeling techniques to normalize and adjust for the service territory characteristics of the utilities being evaluated. These procedures are essential to truly capture the appropriate levels of certain data values. Simple comparisons to industry metrics or even neighboring utilities are simply not sufficient in determining proper levels of key items such as spending, reliability, safety, gas leaks, and emergency response times.

Metrics PSE can benchmark include:

  • Cost levels, including both operation and maintenance spending and capital expenditures
  • Electric reliability levels and targets involving the indexes such as SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI
  • Safety metrics levels and targets for both electric and gas utilities
  • Natural gas leaks and targets, including forecasts of gas leaks based on capital replacement projections
  • Natural gas emergency response times
  • Power plant metrics such as O&M spend, availability factor, and heat rate
  • Productivity trends for the organization, answering the question “are you becoming more or less productive?”

Our Customized Benchmarking & Target Setting Experts

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